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Sunday, November 6, 2016


Greetings to all of you, my name is Crystal Hanton, as many of you know I am a proud artist of many genres such as figurative art, nude art, photography, symbolism, and decorative art. I was born, raised, and still based out of Harlem, New York City. I currently work for the department of education and when I realize was from my pre-school years through adolescence ...I was always intrigued and stimulated by art. Even now as a young adult.. artistic expression is still my outlet to motivate myself and others. I have come to know that ART brings forth change and opportunity . Whether I am telling a story visually, or on stage acting, or spreading love onto the purpose is to bring forth quality art to inspire the viewer and to continue to inspire future generations . I am both self-taught and educated...very determined to achieve my dreams and goals. I struggled to put myself through Hunter College with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts & Theatre and I recently graduated with my Masters Degree in Education. 

My Crystal Hanton Art Exhibit (CHAE) team and I are working hard on, an upcoming art exhibit entitled "Black Love", an Afrocentric dedication to the value of affection and continuity of adoration in families. We are looking to raise funds from now through January 31, 2016 to accommodate our goal of tastefully keeping arts and culture in the community. With over twenty-five pieces needing to be on display, purchases of different canvas, paints, brushes, plus catered food, refreshments, flyer distribution for the event, also for my art book that I would like to publish the need for fundraising is crucial. Without proper funding my idea will fall into obscurity, and I truly not only want to keep art alive in the community, but I need to respectively convey the message that love remains alive and thrilling for the new millennium we occupy. I know I can get through this but I find myself reaching out for help to at least cover my material costs each month. I need the funds as soon as possible. I paint commissioned work as well as decorative art, fine art. 

It may seem a small thing, helping someone purchase new tools for their career, but for an artist with student loans, any new technology or tool is a luxury not easily afforded. I appreciate any support that you can offer and every dollar will be cherished and well spent on helping me advance my craft, so that I may produce more work on a more frequent basis for your enjoyment. 

If you'd like to view more of my current work and paintings, I post fairly frequently on instagram :

Thank you so much and advance for your support and for taking the time to read my story and for helping out an artist. 

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Take care!


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Black Essence

BLACK   ESSENCE ( for Cyrstal)
She digs
Into the the darkness of
The unspoken-ness of
Circulating in dark
Whispering winters and
 blossoming organic summers
bursting eagerly thru
the ripening fullness of spring, and
the dancing leaves of fall

in the silence
she digs……deep……deeper
into the un-nurtured
bottomless pits of anguish
and pulls out the essence….
drip by
daring drip of
oiled- fingerprints
stamping firmly
the essence of
……..who we were
Before we became
…….who we are

At one another
In full acknowledgement
Of our curvaceous lips and tongues... dominating chins
That rise from proudly anchored neck bones
 Defined shoulders, triceps, biceps and breasts engorged
With the sweet milk and honeydew of life
Steadily replenishing itself without nobody telling it to do so
So natural
So real
So eternal
It can’t be bottled
Because it is…LOVE

“You know….the blackness of our essence”
Chiseled deep in blue-black fluorescence
The past
And the present
DNA in Ocean water “elegance”
wrapped in seaweeds of lessons
for us to remember to tell the babies
tell them children that we are……. from the shores of Ghana
the Ivory Coast, Cape town and Ethiopia, Nigeria and Sierre Leone
from dynasties of Egyptian Kings and Queens
who tried to keep sacred forever ancestral dreams, yet
the stories from in-side the pyramid walls
cannot be erased yall...
no one can rid us
of our connection to the root of it all
no…    tiny….   figs
The tallest tree
 in the garden
It is the root of the fruit
And the saliva on the tongue
It is the chromosome that cannot be cloned

If you don’t got it
You don’t got it

©gha’il Rhodes Benjamin, 2014
In celebration of Crystal Hanton’s


Crystal Hanton Chosen to Exhibit Her Art in a Solo Show: BLACK ESSENCE


NEW YORK CITY, NY – November 4, 2014/ –Artist Crystal Hanton is the cream of the crop. Born and raised in Harlem her first NYC exhibit, an abstract series “BLACK ESSENCE” was chosen for a solo art exhibition at AKWA UNISEX GROOMING, 923 Fulton Street, between Clinton Avenue and Waverly Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. The OPENING PARTY will be on Sunday, November 9, 2014 from 6:00 pm- 9:30 pm. Ms. Hanton exudes talent, creativity; confidence and a strong elaborate understanding of the world she lives in. In difference mediums such as inks, acrylic, and oil, she allows you to see the world through her own eyes. This young artist is very aware of life’s major intersections, tragedies, disappointments, and love stories. She shares with us her worries and her secret, her confidence and a keen knowledge of past, present and future in BLACK ESSENCE. The exhibit will be up from November 1, 2014 - December 1, 2014.
For further information about Crystal Hanton work including dates and times for exhibition showing, please visit her website at or email
The exhibition is organized by Curator Rahkeem.


Contact Information:
Crystal Hanton
Email Address:

General Information:
Tel: 718-942-7597

Monday: 11am-7pm
Tuesday to Sat: 9am-10pm
Sunday: 11am-7pm

Crystal Hanton Exhibition

Friday, February 3, 2012

Always trying to be slick!

Crystal was in the process of doing Natasha hair, while trying to be slick by video taping her. But of Natasha could not be fooled. Crystal could not help but to laugh while trying to play cool but Natasha ain't no fool.LOL

Thursday, September 15, 2011


(2008-present), Super 8, length variable

Synopsis: A collection of short sex shows on Super 8 film.

These films use the eye of the camera as the hole through which viewers experience an intimate show. Each show must somehow relate to the sexual but does not require nudity.

Each participant designs his or her own peepshow. Every show is shot on one roll of Super 8 color film.

Over 30 peepshows have been filmed. Please contact me if you are interested in being part of the project.