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Monday, April 27, 2009

Why do people cheat on their mates?? My thesis...

Cheating... man o man.. where do i start.. iiiight boom.. i believe everyone has cheated at LEAST once in there life.. and I think it's a part of life.. it may not be rite, but it's something that happens all the time.. a lot of females like to portray themselves as angels that never even LOOKED at another man while being in a relationship talkin bout some' ohhh i go to church 8 days a week, i don' t cheat' but come on now.. it's only normal.. ur gonna look.. and think ur thoughts.. and of course us guys do it as well.. NOW, some ppl may ask 'welll, what do u consider cheating' to meeee.. if someone askes that question, that to me sounds like they wanna know how much they can get away with without it being called 'cheating'.. thats just me tho. To me, u don't have to be physical to cheat on someone... u can cheat mentally and emotionally, those are just as bad. Anytime u catch feelings for anyone thats not the person ur in a relationship wit.. thats pre-cheating.. and whenever u thinkin sexual thoughts about another being.. well shoot.. thats cheating too.. but now lets get down to the different reasons WHY.. ppl cheat.Hmm, some ppl just don't need to be in a relationship.. ya kno.. lets start off wit the Fellas, Some guys just cheat for the hell of it, point blank.. He can be in a relationship.. but to him she's just another chick. so of course he won't feel any guilt for doing him.. some are just addicts.. just cant' get enuff of the good stuff. and is just curious of all that is out there.. and cant' pass up the opportunity.. also another reason men may cheat is because women do tend to throw themselves at em.... which doesn't justify the wrongdoing of the man but can be tempting and tuff at times depending on the location and situation.. I kno i didn't hit allll of the reasons.. but thats just a few of em..Ladies..... ladies ladies ladies...smh yess you do cheat... maybe more then men do.. who knows?? but i'm not a woman so i can't say why yall cheat.. but i can make a few educated guesses.. i think some woman cheat because they don't know how to get rid of the current person they are with that they are no longer diggin', so they just go on and do them on the low.. cause yall women like to date them crazy men that won't let u break up wit, but umm ...also women are just like men i realized that.. when it comes to sex anywho's.. They like to be more discreet about it.. so u may have ur women who like to be with differnent men.. altho they have their boyfriend at home. I'm also guessing that a woman may cheat on a man when not being sexually satisfied with him.. which kinda sucks. but aye it happens. Oh and i'm pretty sure woman cheat when they THINK that their mate is cheating on them.. without even hardcore evidence.. just a 'woman's intuition'.. thats just some that i can think of..Now me... i'm no angel, i stand up and admitt. i have cheated in the past.. not something i'm too proud about, cause i realized that i actually hurt some ppl and thats not a good feeling.. i guess i have a bad concscience now.. when i cheated on my last girlfriend and then told her because i couldn't keep going on as if nothing ever happen... i felt like i lost something special.. she was almost out my life .. and u kno that saying 'you never really kno what u got till it's gone' it was something like that.. too bad we ended up breakin up down the line.. but Back to the moral of the story.. if u got something good don't F it up.. and if u don't realllly wanna be wit the person ur wit.. just try to let em know... b4 someone's heart get torn.. cause u never know how that person may handle it..gimmie some feedback ppl tell me what u think about my reasons for cheating.. and if u have some reasons to add.. feel free.. show me some luvv...Peace.....and much love to ya
-Eric B.-

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